AIDIMME and CEFAM additive manufacturing project partners are recognized as a CERVERA Centre of Excellence

  • CEFAM is one of the projects financed by the CDTI through the ‘Cervera’ Technological Centres of Excellence grant in which Ceit, Lortek, Catec and Aidimme participate to strengthen additive manufacturing.

Four renowned Spanish research centres in Additive Manufacturing – CEIT, LORTEK, CATEC and AIDIMME – have joined forces in the CEFAM ‘Training Excellence in Additive Manufacturing with Metallic Materials Strategic Programme’ project, coordinated by CEIT, considering their competences cover all the pieces of this technology’s value chain: from the design of new source materials and their production to the technology of advanced testing. This also includes the actual manufacturing process and all the post-processing stages needed for the materials to meet the requirements at an industrial scale.

‘Cervera’ Centres of Excellence

CEFAM is one of seven projects financed by the 2019 Red Cervera programme of the CDTI –the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology– in the first partial resolution call for the grants destined to de ‘Cervera’ Technological Centres of Excellence. The general objective of this programme is to reinforce the capacities of the participating Technological Centres with strategic technologies, such as metal Additive Manufacturing. Through this grant, these centres have been awarded the ‘Cervera Centre of Excellence’ accreditation in Additive Manufacturing technology.

CEFAM aims to create a network of excellence in Additive Manufacturing founded on two complimentary pillars: a know-how with international recognition and a market orientation which will allow this network to operate as a driving force in the Spanish industrial tissue. Therefore, for the next three years the members of CEFAM will undertake research challenges in additive manufacturing with diverse metal alloys via different additive manufacturing technologies.

The coordinators of the four participating technological centres in the CEFAM Project financed by the CDTI. The photo taken on February 6th at the CEIT Ibeaeta headquarters (San Sebastián) on the first day of the project.

CEFAM aims to enhance the cooperation between the four participating technological centres and benefit from their different approaches to: increase the impact of the knowledge gained in Additive Manufacturing, reduce the reaction time to solve specific demands, contribute to rationalise costs through a more sustainable use of materials, develop new Additive Manufacturing technologies or modify the existing ones to obtain fault-free parts from new alloys or difficult-to-process materials (given their hardness, frailty, melting temperature…).

Another objective is to maximise the outreach of the results in the scientific community and the companies. The activities carried out in this new project are geared towards sectors which demand pieces of great complexity and requirements, in sectors such as aerospace, energy, automotive, telecom, machinery, or in large scientific facilities.

The ‘Cervera’ initiative belongs to the 2017-2020 Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research Government Plan which is part of the Institutional Empowerment State Subprogramme, created to bolster leadership and institutional excellence in the main research institutions and organisms in the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System.  

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«Centro de Excelencia Cervera»

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