The AIDIMME Technological Institute expands its technology and is at the European leading-edge in metal 3D printing

The AIDIMME Technological Institute has become one of the leading European centres in metal additive manufacturing with its latest addition: the Print Genius multi-laser technology from the Italian company Prima Industries. This laser shortens printing time and offers an excellent finish, claims José Ramón Blasco, chief of New Manufacturing Processes at AIDIMME.

This enables AIDIMME to increase its capacity in 3D metal printing technology which currently allows the manufacture of prototypes and medium-size high value pieces for companies and industries. ‘They undoubtedly enhance their competitivity and situate the Valencian Community at the European avant-garde in metal additive manufacturing,’ says Blasco.

At present, the progress in additive manufacturing provides within minutes the creation of sample prototypes with different types of metal materials or alloys, and the production of certified pieces for diverse sectors – automotive, railway, aeronautics, health, dental, capital and consumer goods, – and metallic pieces for high added value products.

Products manufactured with Prima Additive technology.

This new equipment, supported by IVACE (Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial) allows the processing of metals known by the industry –iron, aluminium, titanium, nickel, or copper alloys– and experimental metals for new applications that require specific materials.

Titanium piece created for a submarine robotic arm.

Companies want to know what advantages

metal additive manufacturing has to offer against classic procedures.

‘Companies want to know the advantages that metal additive manufacturing has to offer against classic manufacturing in their processes,’ says Blasco. He explains that additive manufacturing allows greater design freedom, creates medium and short printing without moulds, ‘and we can obtain very light pieces, with structures or internal channels that have new functions,’ specifies the head of 3D printing at AIDIMME.

With it, the Technological Institute increases considerably its research capacity and production in metal additive manufacturing with the new cell formed by the Print Genius 250 system model with two 500-watts lasers and the model 150 with two 250-watts lasers. AIDIMME has become a demonstration centre for the Italian multinational company’s Prima Additive division in Spain.

The Centre has at its disposal eleven printing technologies, different designing tools and post-processing equipment, and laboratories for chemical, structural and mechanical assessment, all arranged throughout its more than 800-metre facilities.  

After more than twenty years of research and experience in additive manufacturing, the Ministry of Science and Innovation has honoured AIDIMME with the ‘Cervera Centre of Excellence’ grant regarding additive manufacturing as part of the ‘Training Excellence in Additive Manufacturing with Metallic Materials Strategic Programme (CEFAM)’ with the file number cer-20191005.’

Cover photo:  AIDIMME and Prima technicians with the new equipment.

«Centro de Excelencia Cervera»

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