“Opportunities, trends and challenges in the digitalisation of the wood sector”

Woodmarkets Project: Territorial Workshop Valencian Community

On July 8, 2021, the first Territorial Workshop Valencian Community of the WOODMARKETS project was held, both online and in person, at the headquarters of the Lluis Vives Business School of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia. It was organised by FEVAMA, AIDIMME and the Council of Chambers of Commerce of the Valencian Community, partners of the WOODMARKETS project.

This first workshop of the WOODMARKETS project, “OPPORTUNITIES, TRENDS AND CHALLENGES IN THE DIGITALISATION OF THE WOOD SECTOR”, aimed at companies in the wood, carpentry, furniture and allied sectors, had the objective of raising awareness of the importance of digital integration, providing them with available tools, resources and services, and discussing future trends and challenges in the sector. This workshop is part of the 2.2 activity of Task Force 2.

The workshop was opened by the president of the Council of Chambers of Commerce of the Valencian Community, José Vicente Morata, and the president of FEVAMA, Alejandro Bermejo. During the presentation, José Vicente Morata emphasised the importance of digitalisation, especially for SMEs. On the other hand, the president of FEVAMA spoke about the need for digitalisation and the importance of combining knowledge and efforts.

FEVAMA’s president, Alejandro Bermejo, on the left and the president of the Council of Commerce of the Valencian Community, José Vicente Morata.

During the event, Carlos de Cozar, coordinator of the ICT Department and head of the Digital Transformation of the Valencian Chamber of Commerce, presented the portal of the Valencian Chamber of Commerce. The portal provides tools and aids for digitalisation, applicable to all sectors, including the wood sector. The platform also provides training and companies can obtain a list of suppliers that offer the final technological service.

Carlos de Cozar, coordinator of the ICT Department and head of the Digital Transformation of the Valencian Chamber of Commerce, in his intervention.

On the other hand, Marcos Sabater, head of the Technical Office of FEVAMA, presented the trends and challenges regarding the digitalisation of the wood sector. First of all, he described the objectives of the project and the results obtained from the surveys carried out among almost 130 companies as part of the initiative.

Marcos Sabater, head of Technical Office of FEVAMA, in the presentation of the trends and challenges the digitalisation of the wood sector.

Based on these results, a SWOT matrix has been drawn. It shows the current situation of the sector. It is worth highlighting that the companies consider the Management and Marketing areas as a priority for the application of digital technologies and which tools they have incorporated or planning to incorporate.

The workshop concluded with a successful case study on digitalisation in the wood sector, Tonewoods, Forestchain Platform for wood traceability, presented by Nicholas Weber, CEO of Tonewoods. Companies that import wood are facing regulatory issues, EUTR, CITES… And they are also facing end-user ignorance about sustainability seals, stated Weber.

Nicholas Weber, CEO of Tonewoods, presented the successful case study of the platform he manages.

Forestchain platform (https://forest-chain.com/es/), based on blockchain, provides suppliers and customers with everything they need to undergo audits and other functionalities. In order to certify the products, QR codes are used as a basic labelling element from the log to the final product. This platform has become a management tool for customers and suppliers.

WOODMARKETS project aims to support the introduction and reinforcement of the digital environment in the wood industry of the SUDOE region in order to increase skills, visibility and improving business competitiveness.

The WOODMARKETS project, led by FORESPIR, where the Council participates as a partner responsible for Communication and Broadcasting, has 12 partners: 5 Spanish partners (Consorci Centre de Ciència I Tecnologia Forestal of Catalonia, Baskegur, AIDIMME, FEVAMA and the Council of Chambers of the Valencia Community), 5 French partners (FORESPIR, FIBOIS Occitanie, CRITTBois Occitanie, Pôle de Compétitivité XYLOFUTUR and Associatioun pour la Valorisation des Bois des Pyrénées) and 2 Portuguese partners (Centro de Inovação Empresarial da Beira Interior and y Centro de Inovação e Competências da Floresta Associação).

In addition, it also has the support of several partners organisations: Asociación de empresarios de la madera de Navarra, Agence de Développement Économique de la Région Occitanie /Pyrénées-Méditerranée, PINHOSER, and Associação para a competitividad da indústria da fileira florestal.

The Project lasts 36 months, it will finish in September 2022, and it is co-funded by the Interreg SUDOE Programme (ERDF).

Web: www.woodmarkets-sudoe.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/woodmarkets-sudoe

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Woodmarkets

For more information about the WOODMARKETS project, please contact AIDIMME.


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